Last week I turned in my two-week notice to my day job.  As soon as I get through this week — and it’s a short one — I will be free to pursue my own objectives, unfettered by the obligations to work for someone else.  And I hope to have fun doing it.  I may starve, but I will starve happy.

The blog has a new name, if not yet a new look.  It’s a work in progress.  Just don’t expect a whole lot all at once.  I myself am much too impatient, and usually with myself, and so I am trying to learn some patience.  One step at a time and all that.

I wanted this particular work to be open to virtually all subjects.  Not just writing, not just arts & crafts, but social and even (gasp!) political commentary.  The personal is political, and we are social persons whether we want to admit it or not.  As I transition away from the daily grind to the daily grinding (of the lapidary sort), I shift my perspective away from merely surviving to a fuller sense of really living, and that, too, means entering the social sphere.

I wrote on one of my other blogs that the worst word in the world is “fear.”  Regardless how many letters it has or how it’s pronounced, fear is one of the great limiters of our individual and collective potential.  Fear of poverty, fear of embarrassment, fear of injury, they all hold us back.

For perhaps the past three years I’ve allowed my fears to hold me back.  Fear of poverty is one of them.  And yet finally something helped — or maybe forced — me to conquer that fear.  For better for worse, for richer for poorer, I pushed past that and decided to focus my energy and efforts toward my various creative endeavors and try to make a success of them.

This past week-end was not exactly encouraging.  The two-day art show I’d been looking forward to as an indication of how the future might play out ended up being less successful than I’d hoped.   There is neither some one nor some thing to blame for this; it’s just what happens.  There may be some explanations, such as changing the date of the show from previous years or expanding it from one to two days.  I don’t know exactly why  I didn’t do as well as I had in the past.  I do know, however, that other artists at the show did better than they have in the past.  The changed date and expanded schedule worked well for them, so the changes did have some positive aspect.

And that’s what I have to focus on.  To that end, I am looking more at the business angles of the art and crafts enterprise.  On Friday, I bought a new magazine, Artists & Makers.  I don’t need another “idea” book; I need information directed at taking the hobby, the part-time sideline business up to the next level.  It looks as if this new magazine — I bought the digital edition so I don’t have MORE paper cluttering up my life — may provide one step on that stairway.

But I do still have four more days on the day job.  I’d better get at it.


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